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Towel set - 2 towels, face washers, 1 mat

Local Hobart Charity Urgent Need: Help make a house a home after 10 years of homelessness

Our client was a refugee child from a Kenyan refugee camp and then adopted by Australian parents.

After becoming mentally unwell, he has unfortunately had a 10-year history of homelessness.

Prior to this, he was working full time and living with his partner and children, whom due to his mental health issues, has had little contact with for the last few years.

Now that our client's mental health has now stabilised and is managed well, he is taking steps to re-enter the workforce.

He has been with us only a short time, but in that time he has been a model resident, lighting up the common spaces with his bubbly personality and welcoming smile.

We are so happy to report he has been granted property though Housing Tasmania! However he has no possessions to fill the house and we are seeking donations to help him get set up.


Drop off Pick up Post/Courier Voucher


Hobart TAS 7000

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